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Outside shoes? Now lodged in the very back of my closet. Hairdryer? Forgotten, untouched. Jeans? Haven’t heard that name in years. But my kitchen appliances? THRIVING. My blender has expanded its job description to include weekly dip-making. And my prized juice squeezer has helped me make more margaritas than ever before. But only one appliance could be awarded the blue ribbon of quarantine cooking: my beloved Instant Pot.

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Since I got it two years ago—after finally relenting to the hype that made its way into food blogs, news outlets, and a surprising amount of IRL conversations—my Instant Pot and I have had what you’d call a slow burning relationship. It took me months to unpack it and try to learn the different functions. Even after I experimented with a recipe or two, I thought I’d probably just use it as a glorified rice cooker (though it is worth noting that the IP makes damn good rice!)

Then, quarantine happened. I used to eat out (or order in) more often than not. Now I’m getting delivery just once a week—if that—and cooking every other breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is where my Instant Pot comes in.

The Instant Pot has a whole bunch of functions—egg, broth, porridge, slow cook—but I primarily use the pressure cooker function, which allows me to perfect everything from basic staples to the (almost) restaurant-quality meals I’ve been craving from inside my apartment.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker Basic staples I make in my Instant Pot in… an instant!

Steamed veggies (