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Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Rice Cooker

Rice and grains are a staple such a significant number of numerous dishes, regardless of whether you’re following your mother’s chicken and rice formula or putting together a supper out of whatever you can search from your wash room. However, cooking rice the simple way—that is, on a burner—isn’t generally as direct as it ought to be. You’ll have to watch out for the cooking cycle to abstain from staying or consuming, and relying upon the kind of rice or grain you’re getting ready, it may take up to an hour for your grains to cook through. Furthermore, notwithstanding your earnest attempts, very frequently rice winds up underdone, exaggerated, consumed, or adhered to the base of your pan.

If you’re as terrible as cooking rice as we seem to be, at that point you might need to think about putting resources into a devoted rice cooker, similar to the Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Rice Cooker. This complain free rice cooker guarantees totally cooked rice or grains each time you use it. You’ll should simply pour in the rice and water, plug in the machine, and press the “Cook” button. No compelling reason to look after children practically no chance to demolish your rice. The Hamilton Sea shore Rice Cooker is substantially less costly than more advanced, multifunctional cooking machines, as well. Yet, does this rice cooker convey on its guarantee? We chose to discover out.


Performance: Useful (yet a long way from great) results

You’d be unable to discover a rice cooker that is simpler to use than the Hamilton Beach. You should simply apportion your rice utilizing the remembered plastic cup and flush for the included liner bin until the water runs clear. At that point, empty the rice into the nonstick cooking pot and add water up to the relating line on the cooking pot. (For instance, on the off chance that you’re making one cup of rice, at that point you’ll fill the cooking pot until it arrives at the one-cup line.) Close the cover, plug it into a divider outlet, flip the change to “Cook,” and your work is done.

As this is one of the easiest rice cookers available, the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker doesn’t have a clock or a LCD screen. Rather, the machine will consequently move from “Cook” to “Warm” when the rice is finished. (You may likewise need to purge the little buildup cup on the apparatus as your food prepares.) There’s essentially no expectation to absorb information here, yet in case you’re befuddled about how to utilize the machine, the gave guidelines are anything but difficult to follow.


You’d be unable to discover a rice cooker that is simpler to use.

The first time we utilized the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, we made ¾ cup of white rice and included an equivalent measure of water to the cooking pot. The rice was done cooking in around ten minutes, and except for a couple of clusters that were somewhat underdone, the greater part of the group was cooked well. Whenever around, we made a similar measure of earthy colored rice yet included a full cup of water. The rice was done cooking in less than 30 minutes, however a couple of grains were exaggerated and somewhat seared. In the two examples, the rice tasted incredible however the cook wasn’t exactly great. All things considered, it was better than the rice we made on the burner, and it was boundlessly less difficult and quicker to prepare.

The Hamilton Sea shore Rice Cooker isn’t as flexible as other ledge cookers, similar to faction most loved Instant Pots, which can perform essentially any cooking strategy. All things considered, you can even now utilize this apparatus to set up a set number of different fixings—like cereal, macintosh and cheddar, beans, and different grains like grain, quinoa, and millet. Additionally, remember that you can utilize the included wash and steam bin to steam vegetables, fish, and poultry, either independently or as you cook your rice.


Design: Little and streamlined

The trim and reduced Hamilton Sea shore Rice Cooker is an amazing decision for those with restricted ledge or extra room, however its smoothed out plan is absolutely tame on the off chance that you have to show it on your ledge. Simply try to wipe down the outside after each utilization with cleanser and water; it’s white, so stains and smircesh will effortlessly show. Furthermore, at just shy of 3 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to ship without any problem. This makes it an ideal choice for undergrads and renters.


The initial hardly any occasions we utilized the rice cooker, the nonstick covering let off a substance smell when the rice was done; this didn’t influence the flavor, however.

As we referenced, the included extras and cooking pot are dishwasher safe. The cooking pot is covered in nonstick covering, so it’s anything but difficult to clean by hand on the off chance that you don’t have a dishwasher. We just washed the cooking pot with warm water between two employments. Be cautious while lifting the cooking pot from the base subsequent to cooking is done, as it warms up an excessive amount to hold without broiler gloves. (It takes around thirty minutes for the cooking pot to sufficiently cool to touch.)

Thanks to that nonstick covering, cooked rice lifts effectively from the cooking pot—no compelling reason to scratch at the base of the prospect or sticky rice, as we frequently do when we’re cooking it as it was done in the good ‘ol days. The one downside here is that the initial not many occasions we utilized the rice cooker, the nonstick covering let off a substance smell when the rice was done; this didn’t influence the flavor, however.

The initial barely any occasions we utilized the rice cooker, the nonstick covering let off a compound smell when the rice was done; this didn’t influence the flavor, however.

Features: Restricted and straightforward

The Hamilton beach Rice Cooker essentially has two highlights: cooking and warming. Its restricted usefulness makes this device ideal for tech-loath clients, or for home cooks who are simply searching for a dependable rice cooker, plain and simple.


Price: The correct cost for a basic appliance 

Retailing for $30 the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is among the most moderate rice cookers you’ll discover. Taking into account that it’s quite dependable, incredibly ea

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