Best Air Fryer – Our Favorite Gadgets to Use When Stuck at Home

Best Air Fryer – Our Favorite Gadgets to Use When Stuck at Home

Best Air Fryer –

A third of the global population is on lockdown, and at least 200 million Americans in 21 states, 47 counties and 14 cities are urged to stay home. So people are left with their own devices—literally—to keep some sanity.

Here at Gizmodo, we asked our staff which gadgets they’re using during shelter-in-place to keep some routine, and sanity, during these grim times. Many were obvious choices (whoever has Animal Crossing: New Horizon out there, send me your Friend Code so I can come for a visit, steal your fruit and dig some holes). And some were quite surprising—my love for my Bodum Coffee Grinder now that my local coffee shop is closed has surprised even me. (I need my caffeine OK!)

A lot revolved around food—everything from a Keurig for a sense of early morning normalcy, to an air fryer, because fatty foods are often a comfort. Yet there were plenty of non-food gadgets. Reporter Ryan Mandelbaum has taken to shooting pics of birds from their window with their Canon 7D and 70-200mm lens, and reporter Victoria Song disappears into her Kindle Paperwhite, while consumer tech editor Caitlin McGarry actually appreciates her Apple Watch Series 5 yelling at her for not being as active as she used to be, and senior consumer tech editor Alex Cranz likes rocking a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones to drown out the noise of roommates and dogs.

What gadgets are you using to pass the ti

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