Best Air Fryer – Even More Things Not To Air Fry In Your Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer – Even More Things Not To Air Fry In Your Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer –

Best Air Fryer - You can put french fries in your air fryer, but not this tech.

You can put french fries in your air fryer, but not this tech.


There is no better kitchen appliance that has blessed our counter-tops in the last decade than an air fryer. The argument could be made that the Instant Pot takes that crown, but even pressure cookers can air fry. So here we are again, after discovering a list of things not to air fry in your air fryer and then once more for reassurance. Since we’re still in some sort of COVID-19 quarantine limbo, let’s do it again.

While we’ve been experiencing a strange hybrid lock-down (depending on what state you are in and the level of ineptitude of your state’s government), tech companies have been hard at work, releasing new items that you should definitely not toss in your air fryer out of boredom. These things will not air fry, nor is it really worth trying. No matter your level of boredom, please do not actually air fry your tech. But if you need specific warnings to not air fry things, read on.

Do not air fry your email. Hey is a new email subscription service from Basecamp and it sure is popular. It’s apparently getting people excited about email again, because there is that much emptiness in our lives that we need to get exited about email. While Hey doesn’t just send all your incoming emails straight to trash where they belong, for $99 a year, it keeps your inbox nice and tidy because you sure can’t. At least Apple has finally relented, allowing the Hey app update to pass through the vaulted gates of the Apple app store. But don’t air fry it. Download it instead.

Do not air fry your Apple Watch. Speaking about Apple, at its annual WWDC conference (held virtually, as it should be going forward regardless of pandemics) it announced a ton of new OS updates for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch but the most amusing update came during the Apple Watch presentation. After announcing updates to its sleep tracking function, Apple demonstrated a hand washing function. That’s right. Your expensive smart watch can determine if you are properly washing your hands. There were already apps for that, but now there is an official Apple Watch OS function that is concerned with washing your hands. If you don’t want to spend the money on an Apple Watch to tighten up your hand washing game, every mom ever will be happy to remind you constantly for free.

Do not air fry your Apple Air Pods 2. It appears that with Apple’s ARM Mac transition the third iteration of the Apple Air Pods will be launched at some point in the first half of 2021, so hold on to your Apple Airpods 2 for just a little while longer. The design of the Airpods 3 will be similar to the Airpods Pro. Almost a year is a while to wait for new Airpods — especially if you are stuck in the Apple ecosystem. If you are open to quality wireless earbuds that aren’t Apple related and a bit impatient for new earbuds, check out the latest from Skullcandy.

Do not air fry your PlayStation 5 Rule 34 sketches. It only took a matter of hours after Sony revealed the physical PlayStation 5 console for Rule 34 artists to go full sexy cyborg with the console. If you are currently working on your own drawing of the PlayStation 5, there is plenty of inspiration to draw from. This attention could be good for Sony as it once again goes up against Microsoft for the holiday console sales battle. The new Xbox Series X was unceremoniously passed over by Rule 34 artists, but perhaps they just weren’t up to the challenge of turning a giant black rectangle into something erotic.

Do not air fry your cheap Walmart laptop. While it might be tempting to do so, this discount laptop from Walmart is not something you want to stick in your air fryer. This $140 laptop is truly a new low in discount laptops. Running only 2GB RAM with an AMD A4-9120 Processor you might wonder about the newsworthiness of it. Well, we’re all trying to save money right now and with school starting in the fall and likely running virtual in a lot of places, we’re looking for laptop deals. Cheapest doesn’t always mean its the best deal. For a few dollars more, you can get a solid refurbished laptop that will serve you much better.

This set of things not to fry in your air fryer was admittedly very Apple heavy. While in the past, it might be suggested by this columnist that Apple devices can go ahead and be tossed in the air fryer, Apple’s OS changes announced at WWDC are finally bringing Apple up to speed with Google Android (cycling routes on maps for instance). It’s still more innovative than discount Walmart laptops, so do your research there (with breaks for drooling over Rule 34 PlayStation 5 art). As for Hey, time will tell if subscription-based email takes off. Until next time, just remember — if it don’t air fry, don’t try.

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